I look forward to my visits to Smiles Specialty Centre………and yes I am serious…….. serious about my oral health.

In my thirties my dentist informed me that I had very healthy strong teeth and that if I wanted to keep them I would need pay special attention to the health of my gums……….I had gingivitis and if I did not properly tend to this condition it would progress to serious periodontal disease. I was shocked……..back then I believed gum disease was something nasty that people who didn’t brush their teeth got……right? Apparently I was wrong. Periodontal disease is common and very treatable.

My dentist referred me to a brilliant young periodontist who had just set up practice in Brandon. It only took one appointment with Dr. Corbett for me to know that she was a skilled, caring and dedicated professional. The information and coaching on how to improve my oral health provided by Dr.Corbett was every bit as valuable as the deep cleaning treatments. In the ____years that I have been a patient of Dr.Corbett’s I have watched her practice grow to include a talented group of hygienists, helpful administrative staff and a state of the art clinic to provide service to her patients. I am grateful for the ongoing care I receive and I have referred many of my family, friends and colleagues to seek out the specialty services provided by Dr. Corbett and her professional team.

My regular visits allow me to maintain my oral health and continue to flash my white smile and healthy pink gums. Thank you Dr. Corbett for making Brandon your home. We are very fortunate to have you and your practice as part of our community.

Lori, Brandon, MB