I am not very good at writing down words but I will do my best. Someone told me about Dr. Corbett because I have not been able to wear the bottom plate since I got dentures in the eighties. I thought it might have been the denturist so I went to three different denturists and it was always the same. Then I heard about Dr. Corbett and thought, why not. She was very nice as were all the staff. Dr. Corbett told me what the problem was after the examination and x-rays. Dr. Corbett placed dental implants in my bottom jaw to help secure my bottom denture. It all took time but I have never looked back. It was well worth it. The staff has been very helpful and nice. Thanks everyone!

Doris , Brandon MB

I’ve never been one who enjoyed going to the dentist, even the thought of a routine dental check up caused anxiety attacks. When I was told I had to see a Periodontist and was referred to Dr. Corbett, I was literally terrified. From the first moment I walked in the door I knew I was going to be well looked after. Dr. Corbett and all the wonderful staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while providing you with the most professional treatment. You truly provide “care you deserve” and “T.L.C.”

I encourage anyone who requires periodontal treatment to contact Dr. Corbett and take advantage of the wonderful care they provide.

Kim, Brandon, MB

I love my teeth with the care of Dr. Corbett – I now enjoy smiling. With the professional care I receive, the friendly staff and the modern up-to-date equipment, I now look forward to my dental appointments. All are friendly, professional staff. My first dental examination with Dr. Corbett was on October 26, 1998. For the first time in my life I received a deep cleaning, whereby the hygienist cleaned out all of my infected tissue and removed hardened tartar under my gums. What an experience!! My teeth felt clean for the first time in years! I have had three gum surgeries, as my periodontal disease was in an advanced stage. Thanks to Dr. Corbett, periodontal treatment saved my teeth. I now have an appointment every four months. In closing I would like to say a special thank you to Joe, my dental hygienist who takes great care of my teeth, to Merla, the Office Manager, who makes my appointments and telephones me in advanced to remind me of my upcoming scheduled appointments. To Donna, Business Manager, who always has a smile and a kind word. A special heartfelt thank you to Dr. Trudy Corbett for making Brandon her home – where would we be without you. Thanks to all of you – you’re the greatest!

Donna, Douglas, MB

I had my dental implant surgery completed on January 15th of 2008. Dr. Corbett’s office at the time was located on 10th street and the procedure went very smoothly. Initially I took 3 days off of work to let the healing process begin following the procedure. There were no fears that I had about dental implant therapy. Upon learning that I would not been a good candidate for dentures in the long term it only made sense for me to improve my appearance by working on my original teeth. The procedure was not uncomfortable however the first few weeks I had to be concerned about the cold weather outside and made sure I did the proper rinsing of my mouth to make sure the healing process continued.

The recovery time took a few weeks and it was actually a few months before a temporary fitting could take place and then a permanent fixture. Working in conjunction with dentist Dr. Margaret Choy I was eventually able to add crowns to my upper teeth and along with the dental implant work it gives me a very confident smile.

I continue to have cleaning and check ups at Dr. Corbett’s office every 3 to 4 months and the treatment and surroundings is always first class and very professional. I would definitely recommend dental implants to a friend or family member.

One of the reasons that I began visiting Dr. Corbett’s office was because I was suffering from bleeding gums. However since my treatment began there that situation has been corrected and my dental health continues to improve with regular visits.

Robert, Brandon, MB

I look forward to my visits to Smiles Specialty Centre………and yes I am serious…….. serious about my oral health.

In my thirties my dentist informed me that I had very healthy strong teeth and that if I wanted to keep them I would need pay special attention to the health of my gums……….I had gingivitis and if I did not properly tend to this condition it would progress to serious periodontal disease. I was shocked……..back then I believed gum disease was something nasty that people who didn’t brush their teeth got……right? Apparently I was wrong. Periodontal disease is common and very treatable.

My dentist referred me to a brilliant young periodontist who had just set up practice in Brandon. It only took one appointment with Dr. Corbett for me to know that she was a skilled, caring and dedicated professional. The information and coaching on how to improve my oral health provided by Dr.Corbett was every bit as valuable as the deep cleaning treatments. In the ____years that I have been a patient of Dr.Corbett’s I have watched her practice grow to include a talented group of hygienists, helpful administrative staff and a state of the art clinic to provide service to her patients. I am grateful for the ongoing care I receive and I have referred many of my family, friends and colleagues to seek out the specialty services provided by Dr. Corbett and her professional team.

My regular visits allow me to maintain my oral health and continue to flash my white smile and healthy pink gums. Thank you Dr. Corbett for making Brandon your home. We are very fortunate to have you and your practice as part of our community.

Lori, Brandon, MB

Dr. Corbett and her team are the best. From the front desk to the hygienists to Dr. Corbett herself, everyone is focused on making your visit as stress-free as possible. The procedures are quick, complete and pain-free! ….

Kerry,Brandon, MB

I began coming to see Dr. Corbett and her dental team in 2007. At that time and over a course of the next 2 years, I had 3 skin grafts on my gums and a bone graft. They were very kind and explained all procedures in a way that anyone can understand. Dr. Corbett made a personal phone call the next day to check up on my progress. Since 2007, I also started to come for my cleanings as I felt that they did a very thorough job accompanied with some dental hygiene instructions. From then on, every appointment was accompanied with dental hygiene teaching. You can observe good working relationships with all the staff with every visit from receptionist to Dr. Corbett. The office is kept clean. I will continue to visit this office

Chris, McReary, MB

Good Morning,

I am very pleased with the treatment and care that I have received at Dr. Corbett’s office.

When I first came in I had gingivitis and some gum recession. Through the treatment and training to clean my teeth and gums more effectively, the gingivitis is gone and the gum recession is halted.

Dr. Corbett and her staff are fabulous to work with. They will provide any information that you need that you were not aware that you needed and answer any questions you may have.

I would recommend a vist to them to anyone even if you believe you do not have any teeth or gum issues.

You would probably be surprised at what they would find and how beneficial it is to get a head start on anything that may or may not be developing.

Thank you, Dr. Corbett and staff for all your excellent work!

Maxine,Brandon, MB

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