I have been a patient of Dr. Corbett’s since June 2002. I had serious gum disease and was at risk of losing all my teeth when I first went to Dr. Corbett (four teeth had already fallen out). After a thorough assessment, Dr. Corbett asked my opinion of the condition of my gums and teeth and then presented me with my treatment options. I underwent two dental surgeries, which was easier for me than having a tooth pulled, and continue with regular appointments for cleanings and assessment. Dr. Corbett’s expertise, the time she spends assessing and discussing options and her compassion to an extremely sensitive mouth, as anyone with gum disease would attest to, have helped to keep my teeth in my mouth!

Dr. Corbett works with assistants and hygienists who all have the same level of regard to a sensitive mouth and with the slightest indication that something may be uncomfortable will stop what they are doing. The sensitivity in my mouth has decreased over time.

The receptionists work hard to accommodate appointments and are very good with ‘reminders’ a few days prior to your next appointment. I often recommend Dr. Corbett to others. We all know that gum disease can affect overall health. We are very fortunate in Brandon to have the specialist services of Dr. Corbett, Periodontist.

Patti, Brandon MB