Retain A Denture

What Can Dental Implants Do?

Missing teeth can compromise your health, dieting habits, speech and appearance. When teeth are lost, bone loss usually occurs, which in turn can have an effect on your denture. This may lead to the denture becoming loose, that might cause trouble in stabilizing of the denture, reduced chewing capability, and degeneration of the jaw structure over a period of time.

Implant retained dentures are way more stable and “real” feeling than most types of dentures. Implants are a proven restoration option with a long, clinical history and an excellent success rate. With full upper implant retained dentures, the denture palate is not required, permitting you taste and feel your food more naturally.

Many patients who’ve selected implant retained dentures report they’re satisfied and confident for the first time since the loss of their natural teeth.

Retain A Denture | brandon dental implant
Retain A Denture | brandon dental implant

Retain A Denture | brandon dental implant

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