During each visit, I feel welcome by the front end staff. The dental hygienists are so thoughtful and informative providing information needed to improve and maintain ones oral health. Once when my regular hygienist was on vacation I was hesitant to see a different hygienist only to discover they are all consistent in providing amazing care. Dr. Xiang worked closely with me to provide a customized treatment plan based on my needs and carefully explained benefits of each option. In addition to providing quality dental services, I received tips on preventative practices to help improve my dental health. I would not hesitate to recommend Brandon Perio Clinic and I appreciated the phone calls to remind me of my appointments.

A. Graham

I have been coming to this clinic for many years. I have seen staff changes, and now a new owner. Always, I have been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism starting with the staff at the front desk, hygienists and the Dr. himself.

I have had many, many cleanings, bone grafts and implants over the years and have been totally satisfied. I would highly recommend Brandon Perio Clinic to anyone needing their specialized services. I trust their decisions regarding my teeth, and have never felt pressured in any way to make choices I was not comfortable with.

Arlene Nicholson, very satisfied client

I was referred to the Brandon Perio clinic to undergo extensive work and surgeries. At first I was nervous because I had a lot of work to be done and I didn’t know the doctor or the others working with him. All my fears were quickly put to rest. The staff are extremely professional and accommodating. Additionally, they are all very friendly and genuine. Despite the nature of my work being done, the discomfort was very minimal and I actually always left with a crooked frozen smile. There is no way I could express my appreciation and gratitude to every single person who works in the Brandon Perio Clinic.

S. Rideough

I have had two soft tissue grafts over the last few months at Brandon Perio Clinic. Dr. Xiang and all his staff treated me both times with professionalism, and a welcoming and calm manner. I was nervous about the procedure but was immediately put at ease with explanation of what to expect. All the staff are very knowledgeable on their areas of work, including the front end staff. Dr. Xiang even called me both times after the procedure to ensure I was doing ok. I would highly recommend this clinic and should I have any more need I would definitely go back without any hesitation. A 5 star rating for sure!

K. Perreault

Brandon Perio Clinic, highly recommended by my dentist. A clinic with caring and personable support staff in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

In my opinion, Dr. Peter is an experienced and excellent professional with a very friendly and engaging doctor/patient demeanour.

Alex Dmitruk

I was one of Dr. Corbett’s first patients. By the time I saw Dr. Corbett my gum disease was fairly well advanced. I had two surgeries and since them I have appointments every four months for root planing. I always see Dr. Corbett after every visit as she likes to check everything. Her staff is excellent. I would certainly recommend Dr. Corbett to anyone requiring a periodontist.

Ronna, Brandon MB

I have been a patient of Dr. Corbett’s since June 2002. I had serious gum disease and was at risk of losing all my teeth when I first went to Dr. Corbett (four teeth had already fallen out). After a thorough assessment, Dr. Corbett asked my opinion of the condition of my gums and teeth and then presented me with my treatment options. I underwent two dental surgeries, which was easier for me than having a tooth pulled, and continue with regular appointments for cleanings and assessment. Dr. Corbett’s expertise, the time she spends assessing and discussing options and her compassion to an extremely sensitive mouth, as anyone with gum disease would attest to, have helped to keep my teeth in my mouth!

Dr. Corbett works with assistants and hygienists who all have the same level of regard to a sensitive mouth and with the slightest indication that something may be uncomfortable will stop what they are doing. The sensitivity in my mouth has decreased over time.

The receptionists work hard to accommodate appointments and are very good with ‘reminders’ a few days prior to your next appointment. I often recommend Dr. Corbett to others. We all know that gum disease can affect overall health. We are very fortunate in Brandon to have the specialist services of Dr. Corbett, Periodontist.

Patti, Brandon MB

Before knowing Dr. Trudy Corbett I had a terrible habit of avoiding necessary dentistry treatments for many years. I always felt so disrespected, certainly not valued or listened to as a patient. However, after attending Dr. Corbett’s office for three years now, I feel valued, listened to and respected, very tended to by the courteous staff. I attach a great deal of importance to the information the staff share about oral care. I am truly grateful.

Carolyn, Brandon MB

Our daughter, who has special needs, has been a patient of Dr. Corbett for the past several years. She has had many appointments with Dr. Corbett and we have always been pleased with the care and professionalism shown by Dr. Corbett and her staff. They have always shown patience and concern for our daughter’s well-being.

Ray and Cindy, Brandon MB

Dr. Corbett sets the highest standards in periodontal care. You will not find more expert care anywhere. I have been a patient for many years and have received everything from routine check ups to advanced surgeries, and cannot imagine being treated by anyone else. I consider myself extremely lucky to be her patient. The office staff makes you feel like part of a family and provides a caring and comforting environment. I would recommend anyone needing periodontal care to go there.

John, Courtenay BC

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